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Family Point - This cool free service lets you set up a "meeting place" for your family in cyberspace. Just sign up and set up your own space on Family Point and then you can take advantage of features like a calendar for keeping everyone up to date. There's also a place to post your photos, an address book, chat, discussion groups and E-mail.

FreeHomePages.Com - This site offers 5 MB of webspace placed on super fast servers. You can upload every kind of file - as long as it's legal. You may select a free page at any of these fine domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,, - More than just free webspace, provides free webmail, chat rooms, discussion groups, news and weather feeds, e-commerce tools, and many other free tools and services to help you attract a loyal community of visitors to your pages. There's also a place that pay you money for à traffic to your pages.

Internet Trash - Unlike many free Web host providers, which place restrictions on content, these guys say they welcome "offensive, tasteless, useless, trashy, crude, rude, lewd, adult (etc.)" content. What's more, they don't clutter your site with banner ads or pop-up ads. Definitely a change of pace. Here, you get 10 megabytes of space and you upload your content via E-mail or through your Web browser.

Virtual Avenue - Free virtual domain hosting for your web site. The only thing you need to do is displaying their sponsor's advertising banner on the top of each of your web pages. This service includes domain name ( or, 20 MB free disk space, Full CGI access from your own cgi-bin directory, Full access to Perl, Server Side Include, FTP and FrontPage support, Unlimited email aliasing and forwarding.

The Globe - Full-service, integrated online community providing free Web pages, shopping, forums and more.

Escalix Free Web Space - This speedy new Web page provider offers six megs of space. Here, you upload and edit your Web page with their easy-to-use "Homepage Manager." Access is quick, thanks to their OC-3 (155 mbps) connection. Members are required to display a standard-sized (88-by-31 pixel) button on their pages. No porn sites allowed. Escalix recently upgraded their servers and service has greatly improved.

Angelfire Communications - This free service may be populare for many Internet users. Register to post your free home pages.

Uncut Productions - This free space provider offers a nice package: two megabytes of space, free counters, free E-mail forwarding, free form mail and (for a limited time) free guestbooks. You may upload your own pages directly on the server or use their online page builder (to help you get up and running quickly). This service doesn't burden your site with any ads (a nice change of pace) and they offer free tech support.

B-City - Free Web sites for businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Services include Web site development tools, site promotion, search engine submission and more.

FortuneCity - Receive 6Mb of free web space in this community of Internet users, comprised of many themed districts including music, movies, computers and more.

Fast Free Webs - Promising new free Web hosting service that offers you 10 megabytes of space (or 30 megabytes, if you get more than 5,000 visitors/day). Offers "unlimited" upload access, data transfer and Web page traffic. (Most free Web hosters that make this claim eventually retract it: here's hoping that Fast Free Webs can break the pattern.) Fast Free Webs also offers a fast server and 24-hour monitoring. You're required to place their banner on your pages. - Free Web hosting and services for individuals and businesses, including a customized domain name, unlimited e-mail addresses, direct FTP access, access counter, guestbook and more.

The Internet is Easy - This service of China offers a whopping 20 megs of disk space, as well as a POP-3 E-mail account, counters and guestbooks. You may upload your pages via an FTP client.

GeoCities - Free personal home pages in over 35 themed communities for anyone with access to the Web. - Free, collaborative Web site tools are available for building homesteads in this cybercommunity. - Free homepage for your family and free weekly horoscopes, and over 300 free catalogs.

MujWEB - A Czech free Web page provider that offers 250 kilobytes of space.

Netby - A free Web space provider from Denmark. They offer two megs of Web space, but don't offer CGI access. They don't place banners on your site. Our Danish visitors might want check out Stone's WebWriter for creating their Web pages. It's a fine freeware HTML editor from Denmark.

Le Village - This is a French free Web host provider. This service also offers free E-mail (, a free mailing list, free support, a NetMeeting channel (to chat with other users).

MultiMania - This French free Web hoster offers 20 megs of space for your personal or commercial site. FTP access is available. A pop-up banner is displayed every 30 minutes on your pages. Tech support is provided through newsgroups.

Polbox - This Polish service offers free E-mail and Web space. You get two megs of space for your pages and your site's address here will be:

TerraVista - This service is hosting free Web pages for Portuguese-speaking people across the world. It is sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. Users are allowed up to seven megs of space and file uploading can be done either via FTP or from your browser. No porn allowed.

TacoNet - A free Web space provider from Taiwan. They provide you with 6 megs of Web space and free POP3 E-mail. You also get free clip art and CGI scripts (which they provide). Note: you must put their logo on your page.

MarketNet - U.K. based free Web page service. No graphics or Link Exchange banners allowed here.

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